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KYOTO 100 PORTRAITS Art Book by Yann Le Gal

Introducing the entire collection of the 100 portraits of Kyoto citizens painted by Yann Le Gal, the book is a hard cover, full color high quality print, enriched by English and Japanese sections documenting the project and an introduction by Yann Le Gal and Mayphy Miho Higashi in French, English and Japanese about the genesis and the making of the project. Model’s profiles are also listed in Japanese.

It is possible to order personalised copy signed by Yann Le Gal.

© 2014 KYO TO E TO OTO All rights reserved,
ISBN978-4-9907957-0-2 C 0071
Published by: Kyo to e to oto
Printed by: Benrido Art Printing.

Price (excluding taxes and shipping): 3500JPY


Tenugui towel monochrome reproduction of 21 stylised portraits from the "Kyoto Portraits 100" collection. 100% cotton, wrapped in a clear bag (accompanied by an original reproduction of the 100 portraits)

Price (excluding taxes and shipping): 1000JPY


Bamboo bookmark with "Kyo to e to oto" printed logo and an original calligraphy by Miho Higashi Mayphy.
Choose your colours for the ribbon : Red and white, yellow and white, deep green and pale green, deep blue and light blue.

Price (excluding taxes and shipping): 300JPY

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