Art book
As "Kyoto portraits 100" developed into a major project, the decision was made to publish an art book that recorded the process of this experience.

The aim of this book is to address as wide an audience as possible. Each portrait is reproduced, accompanied by texts by Yann Le Gal and Mayphy Miho Higashi in French, English and Japanese. A profile for each of the models is also presented in Japanese. The book opens with a poem composed by Shimada Ujo, a calligrapher whose portrait is included in this collection.
• Benrido
Kyoto is famous worldwide for the high quality of its craftsmen, and the exigencies that allowed them to maintain their knowledge and understanding of their traditions. With this in mind, Yann Le Gal and Mayphy Miho Higashi decided to collaborate with "Benrido", a printer and publisher specialising in artwork reproduction. Benrido is a rare in that they use collotype, a technique that combines lithograph and photography. The quality of these prints is exceptional as copies are facsimiles.

For technical and cost reasons, it was impossible to publish this book in collotype, and instead, a high quality offset print was used. Nevertheless, three collotypes of Yann Le Galʼs self-portrait have been printed to mark the occasion of this exemplary cooperation with Benrido: one colour print as a reduced size facsimile, one black and white print, and one black and white print Yann Le Gal enhanced with colour touches. This third print then become another original piece of art.

Collotypes, size 30 x 60 cm each
• Limited editions
Two limited editions are also planned for presentations in different major exhibitions of "Kyoto portraits100".These would then become a rare and unique work of art for collectors.

For the first one, one hundred copies of the book are presented in a box, which can be assembled as a puzzle for the creation of an original painting composed by Yann Le Gal. Each pieces of the puzzle are unique and numbered. The subject of this painting is a “tsuboniwa”, a traditional garden inside Japanese houses.
Limited edition 01 “Tsuboniwa“
(Click on a piece of the puzzle to enlarge the image)
For the second one, a puzzle of twenty original and numbered paintings are presented at the bookshop MARUZEN of Kyoto. The subject of this painting is an illustration of the “Gion Matsuri“ through ages, the most important festival of Kyoto which takes place every year during July,
Limited edition 02 “Gion matsuri“
(Click on a piece of the puzzle to enlarge the image)
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