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Yann Le Gal
French, born August 5th, 1973.
Lives and works in Kyoto, Japan.

November 2014. "Kyoto portraits 100" presented at the Kizugawa art festival 2014.

September 2014. "Kyoto portraits 100" solo exhibition at the museum of Kyoto "Bunka hakubutsukan".

June 2014. Fête de la musique at Isakobo, Nanzenji, Kyoto.

April 2014. "Hankyu France fair 2014", at Hankyu department store, Osaka.

June 2013 - June 2014. "Kyoto portraits 100". Realisation of 100 portraits as natural size, of citizens from Kyoto prefecture.

March 2013. Live painting for "Hankyu France fair", at Hankyu department store, Osaka.

June 2012. Fête de la musique at Isakobo, Nanzenji, Kyoto.

April 2012. Opening of "Kyo to e to oto", a studio to promote Yann Le Gal and Mayphy’s activities with art and Music.

April 2011. Charity concert and live painting event for the victims of the Great North East Japan Earthquake at "L’institut français du Kansai", Kyoto.

2010-2011. Comics book writer and storyboard artist published:


Septembre 2009. Portrait’s exhibition in Cauroy les Hermonvilles (France - Marne). Participation to "Les Journées du patrimoine"

May 2009. "Parcours d’artistes" in Reims. Open studio and Bacchanale performance at the BOX#104.

July 2008. Painting a fresco at Essoyes (France - Aube) with the support of the Renoir Foundation.

November 2007. Moving into the BOX#104 at Reims to prepare the "bacchanale" subject for 2008.

August 2007. Exhibition "Essoyes celibrities" at the Hériot’s house (Essoyes - Aube). Participation to "Les Journées du patrimoine"

March -April 2005. Personal exhibition at the Auménancourt cultural Art centre (Pongivart church / France)

September 2002. Group exhibition at gallery "La Maison du Boulanger", Troyes (Aube).

February 2002. Group exhibition at gallery "le Minautore", Paris.

2001-2002. Several researches conducted to study portraiture and subject of the human figure on paintings, drawings and sculptures.

July -August 2000. Paintings, sculptures, photography and drawings exhibition in Essoyes.

June 2000. Paintings and sculptures exhibition at the gallery of the champagne Veuve Devaux in Bar sur Seine (Aube / France).

1999. Prize-winner of the Renoir Foundation. Residency at "Auguste Renoir’s studio at Essoyes" The works made during this period are shown in a personal exhibition.

Self-portrait’s theme studied for several years taking shape of a monumental sculpted bust, paintings and photographs. Illustrating the Narcissus-Echo Poem from Ovid’s metamorphoses presented in a catalogue publication.

1998-2000. Participation in several group exhibitions at the Ward-Nasse Gallery (New York) :

・"Peek-a-boo" (November 6th - 28th 1998).
・"side show " (March 26th - April 18th 1999).
・"Art from the heart " (December 4th1998 - January 23th 1999).
・"year round salon " (June1999-July 2000).


1993-1994. ESAD. Second series of self-portraits. Expressionism takes place in a simplified vision based on the construction of the drawing from light and shade.

1992-1993. Art school student in Rueil Malmaison (France).

Visiting Parisian museums and exhibitions, expending horizons on various artistic and aesthetic approaches. First series of self-portraits in a expressionist influenced style.

1988-1992. ESAD (College of Art and Design) in Reims (France). First artistic experiences in engraving, sculpture and drawing. The work turning into portraits and human figure.
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