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General presentation

The work “Kyoto Portraits 100“ is a collection of Paintings made by Yann Le Gal between 2013 and 2014 of Kyoto Prefecture residents that he met with his Partner Mayphy Miho Higashi and who agreed to participate in the project.

Technical description of the work

The 100 Portraits are painted with acrylic on Plywood (180 x 90 x 1.5 cm ).

General concept of presentation, the folding screen

Each of the panels are joined two by two in their order of execution, as a reference to the Japanese folding screens. So that, it is possible to have a modular installation, which can be adapted to the environment of exhibition place.

Depending on the space in which the collection will be displayed the work might show different levels of reading. Also, the location will bring out aspects and meanings inherent in the collection.

Theme and description of portraits

We met our models in different places of the Kyoto prefecture, such as Kyoto city, Ine-cho, Kyotamba, Minami-yamashiro and Kizugawa.

All the people that have participated are from different background. The series includes a calligraphy master,  a baker, a restaurant owner, a weaver, a Kimono retailer,  a carpenter , a sake maker and shop owner, a farmer, a dying artisan, a tatami maker, a obi designer, a yuzen artist, a puppeteer, a kimono tool maker, a gold paper artist, a collotype printer, a violinist, a guitarist, a bass player, traditional shamisen and koto players, a harpist, a didgeridoo player, a Nigerian storyteller, a Shakuhachi player, a nurse, a yoga practitioner, a children book writer and illustrator, a painter, a traditional armour maker and shop owner, a fisherman, a pottery artist, an engineer, a book seller, and so on…

Each meeting was unique and all the models and relatives are here deeply thanked for their trust and support to the project.

From their very uniqueness as a group, the Kyoto-ites are now included in a concept of representing humanity at large.
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